Fire Rated Vents

TENMAT’s latest addition are BRANDGUARD VENTS’ Wildfire Rated Ventilation products for use in very high wildfire and bushfire threat zones.

BRANDGUARD VENTS are easy to install, retrofit, and paint. The vents are available in custom colors, different materials, and custom sizes

Soffit and Undereave Vents

BRANDGUARD VENTS’ Soffit and Undereave Vents are designed and tested to be used in high severity fire hazard zones. The product range includes soffit and undereave vents that resist the intrusion of flames, embers and radiant heat.

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Foundation Vents

BRANDGUARD VENTS’ Foundation Vents allow outside air to circulate under the floor, to prevent moisture buildup, while simultaneously prevent flames, embers and heat entering the home in case of a wildfire.

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Gable Vents

BRANDGUARD VENTS’ Gable Vents create proper air circulation allowing the passage of air through the attic. Brandguard Gable Vents are designed and tested to be used in high severity fire hazard zones and also allow you to keep the roof deck clear for solar panels.

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Fire Plugs

BRANDGUARD VENTS’ Fire Plugs are round, baffle-front, flame and ember resistant vents used in the bird block holes and openings in the under eave area of the home. Ideal for new construction and retrofitting, these plugs are easy to install, retrofit and paint.

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Dormer Vents

Brandguard Dormer vents are made with a unique, patented design which use an overlapping baffle that stops flying embers from entering your attic during a wildfire. The vents are tested and approved for use in high severity fire hazard zones.

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  • Superior Performance

Tenmat products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fire tested to meet and exceed building code requirements in the US and Canada.  

  • Quick Delivery

Fast and reliable delivery to anywhere in the US & Canada. Our fire protection products and materials are usually in stock and ready for immediate shipping within 24 hours.

  • Installation Efficiences

TENMAT fire rated light covers and firestopping products are ready-to-use solutions which do NOT require any assembly, making installation quick and easy.

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