Passive Fire Protection Solutions for Data Center Infrastructures

Generating the Power to Create Innovative Firestopping Materials

Now, entering the Digital Age.

As the backbone of the Digital Age, power-storage and data centers are critical facilities when storing, managing, and processing vast amounts of digital information and computer systems. These facilities are designed with a complex layout, from multiple storage devices, solid-state drives, and optical storage, to accommodate the various, high-level demands of its clients.

Flip the Switch to Passive Fire Protection.

Data centers house a significant amount of critical equipment, such as servers, switches, storage devices, and lithium-ion batteries which are essential to these 24/7 business operations. In the disastrous case of a fire, these operations and their devices would be jeopardized – resulting in a large volume of valuable data being destroyed and a large monetary cost. Implementing passive fire protection adds a level of protection for these assets – eliminating any further damage or destruction. These materials and solutions eliminate flames, smoke, and heat from spreading throughout the entirety of the infrastructure.

Securing Data Safety.

TENMAT’s passive fire protection solutions provide an added layer of security for data center operators. By incorporating our innovative intumescent materials into the construction of data center enclosures, walls and ceilings, the risk of fire spreading and causing damage to sensitive equipment is significantly reduced. In the event of a fire, these intumescent materials expand when exposed to heat, forming a protective barrier that effectively compartmentalizes the fire and prevents its rapid progression. This crucial time buffer gives occupants and emergency responders more time to evacuate and contain the situation, potentially saving lives and minimizing data loss.

Protecting critical circuits.

With these facilities housing a large volume of through-penetration applications, due to various electrical cables and wires, Tenmat has formulated several UL Classified firestopping solutions to accommodate these demands. The FF160 Fire Protection Plug is a two-hour through-penetration firestop system with the ability to be retrofitted within power and control cables, telecommunications cables, and optical fiber cables through solid floors or systems. This solution is UL Classified for a maximum of 60% cable fills in openings of max. 5” diameter in concrete and can be easily cut to pass wires or cables through them – ideal for power-generating energy stations. At Tenmat, we also offer the FF260 Fire Protection Block, a preformed, intumescent firestop block – formulated to assist in sealing penetrations with cables, cable trays, cable bundles, metal pipes, and mixed penetrations. With its high expansion and insulating properties, the FF160 Firestop Plug ensures that both flame spread and smoke are stopped for 120 minutes.

Formulated for Irregular Penetration Openings.

For those irregular, smaller through-penetration openings, Tenmat offers two solutions, the FF360 Fire Protection Foam and the FF365 Fire Protection Sealant. Both, the Fire Protection Foam and Sealant, are designed to fire-rate irregular, hard-to-access, or large penetrations for up to 120 minutes. The sag resistant, quick curing formulation of FF360 allows the foam to expand up to 5 times in volume during installation and once cured, the flexible nature of the material allows for easy retroactive installation of additional cables, wires, or pipes without the need for special tools.

Trapping Thermal Runaway

In the event of thermal management system failure, there is a high probability that there will be a fire outbreak – resulting in loss of data, expensive electrical equipment, and so much more. Tenmat’s intumescent materials, FF102 and FF107, have the ability to compartmentalize flames, heat, and smoke – allowing additional time for help to arrive and extinguish the fire. The FF102 is a rigid intumescent material that possesses excellent pressure generation and expansion performance, ideal for gap sealing. Tenmat’s Firefly 107 is an exceptionally powerful intumescent which combines fast reaction with high expansion and pressure generation – ideal for gap sealing applications where the high expansion characteristics lead to economical material usage.


Our manufacturing capabilities extend our capacity to accommodate an extensive array of customizable solutions, thereby enabling us to address a diverse range of unique applications. Whether you require specialized shapes, sizes, or materials, our team of experts can work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your project. From complex geometries to challenging installation scenarios, we have the knowledge and resources to engineer solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Tenmat materials supplied for data center applications offer:

120 Minute fire protection

Flexible Material – Ability to be installed with ease

UL Listed