Passive Fire Protection for Façades Systems

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In modern construction, the need for external cladding and external rain screens has become essential to enhance ventilation and boost energy efficiency in buildings. However, this innovation has inadvertently created a serious fire protection threat– a chimney effect. In this application, the void acts like an open chimney and allows the fire to spread quickly both vertically and horizontally around the building. Recognizing this hazard, recent building codes, like the 2022 New York City Building Code, now mandate fireblocking in concealed draft openings, whether in combustible or noncombustible constructions.

Snuffing the Chimney Effect.

In line with modern industry standards, high-rise structures are adapting ventilated rainscreen, curtain wall, and façade systems – which creates the opportunity for a “chimney effect” to take place. In order to eliminate this issue, passive fire protection measures should be adopted – in particular, an intumescent fire block. At TENMAT, we have engineered a solution that is approved by fire testing standards, such as the NFPA285, and is compatible with the ventilation and energy efficiency of façade systems.

Fire Tested and Approved.

TENMAT’s FF102/50 Fire Blocks for rain screen systems are high expansion intumescent fire blocks offering industry leading performance as Ventilated Cavity Fire Barriers / ‘Open State’ Cavity Fire Barriers and Façade Fire Blocks. This product has undergone successful extensive fire testing, including NFPA285, and is suitable for use within the majority of construction types.

Balancing the Scale.

TENMAT’s rigid and highly expansive intumescent fire block enables the maintenance of an open ventilated cavity, preserving the energy conservation and building science benefits associated with cladding systems, while concurrently serving as a formidable fire barrier in the event of a building fire.

Pushing the Boundaries.

At TENMAT, we continually adapt to the evolving demands of the façade construction industry. Leveraging our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we can tailor solutions to applications that may deviate from industry norms.

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Tenmat materials supplied for ventilated rainscreen systems offer:

NFPA285 Fire Tested and Approved

Allows for ventilation and moisture dissipation.

Prevents the ‘chimney’ effect.


FF102/50 Fire Block