Passive Fire Protection in Education Construction

Solutions Proven to Protect the Safety of the Minds of the Future

The Starting Ground for Future Generations.

Educational buildings, such as elementary and high schools (K12), university lecture halls, and vocational schools, are the starting grounds for the development of our current and future generations. One of the primary and most profound significances of passive fire protection is its capacity to save lives. In the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak, passive fire protection measures, such as fire-resistant materials, doors, and enclosures, act as a barrier, containing the spread of flames and smoke. This containment provides vital time for evacuation procedures to take place, ensuring the safety of students and staff. It is imperative to remember that in the chaotic atmosphere of a fire, seconds can make a crucial difference.

Quick and Easy Installation.

Whether you are renovating or performing “summer maintenance” or building a new educational facility from the ground up, it is essential to find a fire-rated solution that allows for quick and easy installation and fits the most standard ceiling assemblies. In response to the time sensitivity of these bustling environments, Tenmat has created several solutions, designed with a flexible and lightweight intumescent material – optimal for the crucial lead times for re-lighting projects.

The Teacher’s Favorite.

In line with the industry’s norm of suspended “T-Bar” ceilings, Tenmat engineered the FF130 – 2’ x 2’ and FF130 – 2’x4’ – a UL one-hour, fire-rated enclosure designed for troffer luminaires. With its ability to cater to any luminaire, regardless of any model or/and manufacturer, the FF130 – 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ allows architects and developers to choose their preferred lighting choice. Additionally, the flexible and lightweight nature of these covers allows for installation quickly and easily, significantly reducing labor costs compared to dry-walled box constructions.

The Protection that Lasts.

On the other hand, educational buildings, such as student housing or off-campus housing, require a longer fire rating, due to the high volume of individuals residing in these buildings. To meet this criterion, Tenmat designed the FF109-X, a two-hour, fire-rated cover – which is UL tested and approved for use with IC-rated recessed incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light fixtures. Constructed with cutting-edge intumescent technology, the FF109X is able to be easily installed and fitted into these applications without the mess or stress of other fire-rated solutions.

Specialty Fire-Tested Solutions.

Specialty rooms in educational facilities, including instrumental rooms and auditoriums, in-ceiling loudspeakers are present. In the circumstance of a fire, flames and smoke will be able to rapidly spread, if these in-ceiling loudspeakers remain unprotected. Addressing this issue, Tenmat has created a one-hour, fire-rated in-ceiling speaker enclosure, the FF109-FRSC. Fabricated with the latest intumescent technology, the FF109-FRSC provides a one-hour rating and acoustical protection for in-ceiling speakers – suited for music education rooms.

Meeting Your Standards.

If Tenmat’s pre-designed solutions do not align with your application’s demands, we offer a full range of manufacturing capabilities – allowing for customizable intumescent solutions. Whether you require a specific thickness, shape and/or length, Tenmat can accommodate those various demands.

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Tenmat materials supplied for educational applications offer:

60 to 120 Minute Fire Protection

Flexible Material – Ability to be fitted around obstacles or retro-fitted.

Quick Installation – Allows for shorter lead times.


FF130 – 2' x 2'

FF130 – 2' x 4'