Advanced Passive Fire Protection Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Life Safety in Hospitality Infrastructures.

When planning for the construction of hospitality structures, such as hotels, motels, and shopping malls, passive fire protection solutions hold a high level of significance. Hotels, resorts, and similar establishments typically accommodate a large number of guests and staff in a confined space, often across multiple floors. This concentration of people and the extensive use of flammable materials like furnishings, fabrics, and decorative elements make these structures particularly susceptible to rapid fire spread in the event of an outbreak.

First Line of Defense.

Passive fire protection systems, such as TENMAT’s intumescent materials and solutions, serve as the first line of defense by containing fires, allowing more time for evacuation, and minimizing property damage. This not only protects the lives of guests and staff, but also helps preserve the reputation and financial stability of the hospitality industry.

Formulated for All Ceiling Fixtures.

TENMAT offers a wide range of pre-designed solutions to reinforce the compromised integrity of fire-resistance rated ceiling assemblies in hospitality and retail applications. Whether the unprotected ceiling opening is caused by a standard recessed can light, LED downlight, or in-ceiling loudspeaker, TENMAT has a proper fire tested and approved solution. TENMAT’s 109-200 and FF109-250s are designed to accommodate the future of lighting – LED downlights and with this solution’s retrofitting capabilities, it accommodates the bustling environments of hospitality and retail environments. For installation of standard and oversized recessed can lights, TENMAT’s FF109-300, FF109-350, and FF109X are able to provide 60- or 120-minute fire protection and their design allows for an easy installation, decreasing the project’s lead times.

Targeting the Smallest Openings.

A further aspect of fire-rating these hospitality structures includes the various through-penetration openings, caused by the various electrical cables, plumbing pipes, and so on. As an end result, Tenmat offers a line of passive fire protection products – designed to fire-rate the utmost irregular, small openings. Designed with a flexible, intumescent membrane, Tenmat’s Fire Protection Plug is optimal for applications with a high volume of through penetration. The flexible and lightweight material is ideal for retrofitting installation, as well as new construction of power and control cables, telecommunication cables, and optical fiber cables through solid floors or ceiling systems. At Tenmat, we also address the smallest, irregular penetration openings, by offering the FF360 and FF365. The FF360 Fire Protection Foam offers a sag resistant, quick curing formulation – allowing the foam to expand up to 5 times in volume during installation and permitting the foam to be applied fast and effectively. In comparison, the FF365 Fire Protection Sealant properly fire rates irregular, hard-to-access, and small penetrations – leaving no opening not properly fire-rated.

Manufacturing the Latest in Firestopping Technology

With a commitment to innovation, Tenmat offers manufacturing capabilities that extend beyond the ordinary, allowing them to formulate highly customizable intumescent solutions tailored to the distinct needs of hospitality structures. Our cutting-edge research and development teams work closely with our clients to achieve the unique challenges presented by nonstandard applications within the industry.

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Tenmat materials supplied for hospitality/retail applications offer:

60 to 120 Minute Fire Protection

Flexible Material – Ability to be fitted around obstacles or retro-fitted.

Quick Installation – Allows for shorter lead times.