Advanced Firestopping Materials and Solutions in Mass Timber Construction

Timber + Tenmat = Taking Passive Fire Protection to Another Level

Building Towards Sustainability.

In recent years, the push for a smaller carbon footprint and faster lead times in construction practices resulted in the development of mass timber. Mass timber construction is built using a category of engineered wood products typically made of large, solid wood panels, columns or beams often manufactured off-site for load-bearing wall, floor, and roof construction. It offers sustainability, design flexibility, efficiency, structural performance, and a myriad of other advantages, which position it as a frontrunner in the movement towards more responsible and eco-conscious building practices.

Passive Fire Protection in Big Timber.

Alongside these premium advantages, there has been a large surge in using mass timber materials in multiple applications, from multi-family structures and hospitality buildings, including luxury hotels. With various communities residing in these constructions, the significance of installing fire safety measures, such as passive fire protection, is high. Our research and development team at Tenmat has worked side-by-side with industry experts to develop cutting-edge, innovative fireblocking solutions and materials that exceed the industry’s standards for passive fire protection.

Formulating Industry-Wide Solutions.

For joint and gap sealing applications in mass timber, cross-laminated timber (CLT), and glulam, Tenmat has developed a line of state-of-the-art intumescent materials and solutions, each designed with the capability to be versatile in various applications. Tenmat’s FIREFLY 107 is an exceptionally powerful intumescent which combines fast reaction with high expansion and pressure generation – producing a solid char of good integrity. With its composition, the FF107 is applicable in construction joints and gaps. If the application requires a highly flexible firestopping material, Tenmat’s Firefly 104E is the optimal building block for this function. Its flexible nature allows for its ability to be applied to door and glazing seals, door hardware and ironmongery protection, damper seals, gap sealing or a variety of gasketing applications.

Engineered Through-Penetration Solutions for Engineered Wood.

With Type IV-A mass timber structures reaching 18 stories, the vast number of through-penetrations, whether its from pipes or electrical wires, requires versatility and high flexibility. Tenmat’s UL classified FF260 Fire Protection Blocks are preformed, intumescent firestop blocks designed for sealing penetrations with cables, cable trays, cable bundles, metal pipes, and mixed penetrations, the FF260’s lightweight material is suitable for retrofitting installation, as well as new construction. Need to firestop nonstandard, irregular openings? The Tenmat FF365 Fire Protection Sealant is a one-component, gun-grade, intumescent firestop sealant for use in blank openings, metal pipes, conduits, wires, and mixed penetrations in combination with other Tenmat firestopping products such as the FF160 Fire Protection Plug and FF260 Fire Protection Block.

Committed to Evolving Mass Timber Practices.

Unable to find a pre-made intumescent solution to suit your unique demands for your latest tall timber construction job? To meet the construction industry’s latest demands, Tenmat offers a full range of manufacturing opportunities to create a custom intumescent solution, suited for all of your project’s demands. Whether you are interested in a 2D or 3D solution, in various shapes, sizes and thicknesses, Tenmat’s on-site research and development team has the ability to create it. Please call +1 (800) 821-3436 to speak to one of Tenmat’s manufacturing representatives.

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Key features of Tenmat’s intumescent materials and solutions, designed for mass timber applications include:

Strong adaptability to standard and nonstandard applications.

Fire Tested and Approved.

Lightweight, Flexible Material – allowing for easy installation.