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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Building Code requirement. The International Building Code (IBC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes clearly outline that recessed fixtures and speakers shall be installed so that the fire rating of the ceiling is not impaired. The IBC states in section 714.4.2 Membrane penetrations:“Penetrations of membranes that are part of a horizontal assembly shall comply with Section 714.5.1.1 or 714.5.1.2. Where floor/ceiling assemblies are required to have a fire-resistance rating, recessed fixtures shall be installed such that the required fire resistance will not be reduced.”

Every time you cut a hole in the ceiling to install a recessed light, junction box or in-ceiling speaker you create a free passage for fire and smoke. Almost every type of building from apartment buildings and assisted living facilities to hospitals, schools, dormitories, commercial buildings and even your home will have some form of fire rated walls, floors and ceilings and require proper passive fire protection.

The covers prevent the passage of flames and insulate against excessive heat build up. Without the covers, the fire could quickly spread and the building structure could be weakened. The FF109 Downlighter and High Hat Fixture Protection Covers have intumescent characteristics so that in the case of a fire the covers expand internally to form a highly insulative char to seal off any gaps and prevent the fire and heat from spreading further.

Yes. Tenmat’s FF109-200 and FF109-250 1  hour fire rated enclosures were specifically developed for use with modern wafer LED lights and ultra-thin LED recessed modules.

Tenmat has a broad network of stocking distributors throughout the entire United States and Canada. Material is usually in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours. For a list of Tenmat distributors or how to order please contact us.

No. IC–rated fixtures are designed and tested for direct contact with insulation, but are by themselves poor flame barriers. Most IC fixtures are made either from light sheet metal or aluminum that breaks down rapidly when in direct contact with fire. While IC-rated lights are constructed to avoid starting fires, “fire rated” lights and covers serve as a fire barrier in the event a fire has already started.
Tenmat Fire Rated Light Covers fit most IC-rated lights and will maintain the fire rating of the ceiling.

Yes. Airtight fixtures are strictly designed for energy conservation, by restricting normal airflow and will not provide a flame barrier. Tenmat’s wide range of Fire Rated Light Covers fits most Airtight and IC-rated fixtures, giving the architect and specifier finally the freedom to select the right light and fixture.

Yes. The covers are supplied ready to install. There is no additional assembly, fixing or sealing required. The covers can be installed with a single trip up the ladder without screws and nails! The flexible nature of the covers makes installation extremely easy in places with limited space. The covers are extremely lightweight (about 2 lbs.) and can be easily handled by one person. The covers are simply placed over the light fixture. For more information please view our installation instruction.

Tenmat Fire Barriers are extremely easy to install, lightweight and flexible.

Contractors and Builders using Tenmat Fire Rated Enclosures experience significant labor savings as they are able to install the lights and covers faster than custom-building conventional drywall boxes.

Building Drywall or Sheetrock Boxes around light fixtures is the old-fashioned method of trying to fire rate light fixtures. This method was used as no ready to install products were available on the market. Today Tenmat’s pre-approved and ready-to-use covers set the high standard in passive fire protection.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above the Tenmat cover eliminates the dust caused when cutting the boards to build a fire rated light box. The light fixtures are often installed in ceilings where pipes, conduits, wiring and joists are in close proximity. The flexible cover makes this type of installation easy.

Each Tenmat cover is manufactured to the highest quality control standards so you can be sure that the cover will always do the job for which it is intended.

Yes. Tenmat Fixture protection Covers have been designed to fit over a wide range of recessed light fixtures, LED downlights and troffers. Tenmat Fire Rated Light Covers come in different sizes with different heights and diameters. For a full range of Tenmat products please click here.

Yes. The covers are designed to completely cover the fixtures and exhibit excellent acoustic insulating properties. The covers have been tested for their soundproofing capabilities and found to significantly reduce the noise traveling through the holes made in the ceiling for the fixtures.

Yes. The covers form a barrier over the fixtures which helps to prevent heat loss from the room below and contributes to improved heating and cooling efficiencies. Tenmat users experience significant energy savings.

No. The covers do not require any maintenance.

Tenmat covers have undergone stringent testing and have been approved by national and international acclaimed independent third party testing laboratories such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (Part of ETL/Intertek) to meet the International Building Code (IBC) requirements.

Intumescence is the process or act of swelling. The covers react in a fire by expanding and forming a thicker and more insulating product. The expanded fibers will fill up the entire cover and seal off the gap left by the molten metal fixture. The picture below shows a piece of Tenmat Firefly intumescent material before and after exposure to heat. The material is heat activated at a temperature of around 400°F and expands to form a highly insulative tough char.

Tenmat Firefly Intumescent Material Before & After