Meeting the Demands of the Healthcare Industry with Passive Fire Protection

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The Heart of Our Communities

Healthcare facilities play a vital role in our communities, serving as essential hubs for medical care, healing, and wellness. These facilities often cater to individuals who may have limited mobility, cognitive impairments, or other medical conditions that hinder their ability to respond quickly to a fire outbreak. Passive fire protection acts as a critical line of defense by compartmentalizing fires and preventing the rapid spread of flames, heat, and smoke. This containment allows for more time for evacuations, reduces the risk of smoke inhalation, and provides a safer environment for both residents and healthcare staff.

Why firestopping for healthcare facilities?

In addition to protecting the safety of the individuals operating within these facilities, passive fire protection helps preserve the integrity of essential medical equipment and infrastructure within these facilities. In the event of a fire, the loss or damage to life-supporting equipment, medications, and critical medical records can have devastating consequences.

Fire Safety During Renovations

Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living and hospice facilities are known to have high activity levels and require a high level of sanitation, due to their high volume of ill patients. However, when these facilities are undergoing renovations and installing temporary wall systems, it’s essential to have a fire-rated solution, which can be installed mess-free and stress-free. At TENMAT, we offer a range of fully tested Passive Fire Protection products for assisted living and healthcare facilities, offering a quick and effortless way to maintain the fire rating where passive fire protection is required.

Designed for Healthcare.

With the ceiling assemblies being either suspended or a “T-Bar” design, TENMAT has formulated the FF130-2’x2’ and FF130 – 2’x4’, a fire rated enclosure designed for troffer luminaires – the industry standard for the healthcare industry. By most standards, hospitals require a higher fire rating for in-ceiling fixtures; therefore, TENMAT has crafted a 120-minute fire-rated solution for recessed light fixtures. Tenmat’s FF109X is designed to be fitted into suspended and drywall ceilings and offers two-hour UL-listed fire protection.

Passive Fire Protection for Through Penetration

With a large-scale sanitary drainage and electrical wiring system within a healthcare facility, through-penetration is another key opening for flames and smoke, in the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak. As a result, Tenmat offers a full line of fire-rate solutions, designed for the small, irregular openings of through-penetration applications. Tenmat’s UL-Listed FF160 Fire Protection Plug is a flexible and lightweight material – ideal for retrofitting installation, as well as new construction of power and control cables, telecommunication cables, and optical fiber cables through sold floors or ceiling systems. For even smaller, irregular openings, Tenmat’s FF360 Fire Protection Foam can fire-rate irregular, hard-to-access, and large penetrations fast and effectively.

Manufactured to Your Standards

In the conditions TENMAT’s pre-designed solutions do not only cater to an application in the healthcare or assisted living facilities, TENMAT has the manufacturing capabilities to accommodate unconventional and specialized applications for passive fire protection within healthcare facilities. Whether it is custom-fitting intumescent solutions to unique architectural configurations or developing innovative fire-blocking solutions for intricate healthcare infrastructure, TENMAT’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the latest demands in the industry that even the most unusual and complex fire protection needs in healthcare facilities can be met with precision and effectiveness.

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TENMAT’s Passive Fire Protection Solutions for healthcare facilities offer:

Solutions with extended hourly fire ratings

Flexible Material – Ability to be fitted around obstacles or retro-fitted

Easy Installation – Allows for shorter lead times in fully-running operations

Proven and Approved Fire Testing – UL Listed


FF130 – 2'x2’

FF130 – 2'x4’