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TENMAT fire rated enclosures have been designed to meet the building code and to help maintain the integrity of fire-resistance rated ceilings when penetrated by recessed lights, LED luminaires, fluorescent fixtures or in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Municipalities across the United States require fire-resistance rated ceilings, floors and walls for multi-story residential structures such as apartment buildings, student housing, schools, hospitals or hotels. The 2015 version of the International Building Codes addresses this issue explicitly in section 714.4.2.

In order to meet this fire code requirement, the ceiling must serve as an unbroken fire barrier, however cutting an opening in the ceiling to install a light fixture or junction box compromises the fire rating of the drywall ceiling. If the fire-rating of the ceiling membrane is not being restored, these openings in the ceiling would allow flames and smoke to spread in the unfortunate event of a fire.

TENMAT 1 and 2 hour UL fire rated light enclosures safely restore the ceiling’s integrity after holes have been cut for the fixtures or junction boxes, and maintain the fire code requirement for the building.


  • The only flexible fire-resistant enclosure for recessed light fixtures, LED luminaires, in-ceiling speakers, troffers, luminaires and fluorescent lights.
  • UL Fire tested and Approved for use with recessed incandescent, fluorescent or LED luminaires.
  • Tenmat Fire Rated Light Covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be used with a wide range of recessed light models from various manufacturers.
  • The Tenmat firebox for recessed lighting and downlights acts as a fire barrier, but also serves as a thermal insulator, significantly reducing air flow and heat loss through the recessed light fixture.
  • Tenmat also manufactures fire rated speciality products, such as fire rated cladding seals, fire rated pipe sleeves, fire rated door strips, intumescent papers, fire rated joint seals and intumescent sheets.

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