Passive Fire Protection For Audio Applications

To ensure fire safety code compliance for all in-ceiling audio applications.

Installed in Seconds, Protect for Life.

Passive fire protection is a critical aspect of building safety and is designed to slow down the spread of fire, smoke, and heat within a structure. In audio applications, where sound equipment and systems are installed in a building ceiling it’s important to consider passive fire protection measures to ensure the safety of occupants and protect valuable audio equipment.

Protect the Sound.

However, when installing in-ceiling loudspeakers, you also may need to be concerned about the sound dampening capabilities of the fire-rated solution. States, such as California, have adopted a minimum level of sound isolation across party walls and floors/ceilings in hotels, motels, condominiums, dormitories, and multi-family complexes. When developing our solutions, we incorporated a propitiatory intumescent material in the internal portion of the solution, providing a level of sound isolation when installed. In addition, the intumescent material does not only provide a level of sound isolation, but also the composition of our solutions enhances the acoustic performance of the speaker, permitting a crisper and clearer sound.

Optimal for A/V Installers, Contractors, and Audiophiles.

At TENMAT, we have been formulating passive fire protection solutions for audio applications over the past several years. When designing these solutions, TENMAT caters to the audio-visual installers by developing our solutions to have minimal efforts during installation. TENMAT’s materials and solutions are designed with cutting-edge intumescent technology, allowing for flexibility and lightweight installation for A/V installers.

Two Problems. One Cover.

A blend of sound isolation, easy installation, and passive fire protection, TENMAT created the FF109-FRSC, a one-hour fire rated speaker cover. The FF109-FRSC 1 Hour Fire Rated Speaker is a dome-shaped intumescent enclosure which has been specifically designed to help maintain the integrity of fire-resistance rated ceiling/floor assemblies for one hour when penetrated by in-ceiling speakers. In addition, the sound absorbing properties of the propitiatory intumescent material enhance the acoustic performance of the structure for crisper and clearer sound.

State-of-the-Art Intumescent Technology.

Intumescent technology is known for its capabilities to cater to a multitude of different applications – whether it’s a standalone structure or fitted as a component into a pre-made product. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to cater to the most forward-looking applications. With its fire protection feature, Tenmat’s intumescent materials have the capability to fire-rate a pre-made audio design, such as an intumescent insert in a speaker’s housing, in the shape of a disc, square, gasket or box. In addition to its fire protection capabilities, Tenmat’s intumescent materials can cater to sound isolation applications – such as multi-family complexes, sound rooms, choir rooms, and so much more.

Tried. Tested. True.

At Tenmat, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of passive fire protection in audio applications. With our ability to offer various cuts, thicknesses, and shapes, TENMAT is able to create “Tried. Tested. True.” intumescent technology for the most nonstandard and modern audio applications – the brand who takes “Two Problems, One Solution” to another level.

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Tenmat materials supplied for audio applications offer:

60 Minute Fire Protection

Ability to be fitted around obstacles or retro-fitted

Enhances the acoustic performance of the ceiling for crisper and clearer sound