Advanced Passive Fire Protection for Industrial and Commercial Application

Industrializing the use of Passive Fire Protection Solutions in Industrial Structures

Stopping the Spread.

From towering skyscrapers and expansive warehouses to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and retail complexes, each project demands a unique blend of architectural creativity, structural integrity, and most importantly, methods of passive fire protection implemented. These particular structures often house valuable equipment, materials, and a large number of occupants, making passive fire protection paramount. By compartmentalizing fires, slowing their spread, and providing safe egress routes, passive fire protection not only reduces property damage but also ensures the safety of employees and visitors.

Passive Fire Protection for Through-Penetration Applications.

Many of these applications have irregular, hard-to-access, and/or small penetrations, which pose a threat when an outbreak of a fire occurs. These small, irregular openings allow for the flames, heat, and smoke to travel faster within a building, causing the number of lives and costly property damage to significantly increase. In response, Tenmat has formulated a line of pre-made solutions that cater to these irregular, hard-to-access openings.

Designed for Difficult Applications.

Tenmat offers a wide range of pre-designed solutions to reinforce the compromised integrity of fire-resistance rated drywall or concrete wall and/or ceiling assemblies in industrial and commercial applications. Whether you are trying to fire-rate power and control cables, telecommunication cables, optical fiber cables, cable trays, cable bundles, metal pipes, or/and mixed penetrations, Tenmat offers a readily available solution. The FF160 Fire Protection Plug, made of a rapidly expanding intumescent foam, is the ideal solution for through-penetration firestop systems. Its flexible and lightweight materials allow for decreased project lead times and permit accessibility to penetrate additional wires through this fire-tested and approved solution. If you are seeking to fire rate smaller wall penetrations, Tenmat offers a fire protection sealant, the FF365. This sealant is recommended for blank openings, metal pipes, conduits, wires, and mixed penetrations in solid floors and ceilings. Its high expansion and insulating properties of the material ensure that both flame spread and smoke, are stopped for 120 minutes.

Sealing the Gap.

Moreover, the blueprint of these industrial buildings may include the elements of joint and gap openings – which require a level of fire protection. Tenmat’s intumescent materials, specifically the FF102 and FF107, are composed with the technology to cater to these types of commercial applications. FIREFLY 102 and FIREFLY 107 can be the ideal intumescent component for fire-rated joint seal products.

Committed to Innovation.

To meet the industry’s demands for all nonuniform openings in ceilings and floors, Tenmat possesses the manufacturing capabilities to cater for all industrial/commercial applications – no matter how unique the opening is. Our cutting-edge research and development teams work closely with our clients to achieve the unique challenges presented by nonstandard applications within the industry.

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