Advanced Firestopping Materials and Solutions for Multi-Family Applications

Multiple Ways to Fire-Rate Your Communities

Protecting Families and Homes.

Conforming with the standards of implementing energy efficiency and accelerated construction practices, Type V-A construction has taken root in our modern, new communities. With its wood composition, these buildings provide excellent design flexibility, allowing for diverse architectural styles and layouts, making this practice optimal for residents, developers, and architects. Common applications of Type V-A construction include apartment complexes and condominiums. These structures house a multitude of families and individuals, which heightens the level of importance of installing passive fire protection solutions. By containing the smoke and flames, slowing their spread, and providing a longer evacuation period, passive fire protection not only reduces the loss of life but also ensures the integrity of the multi-family structure.

Safety Hazard: Unprotected Ceiling Openings

One of the main causes of the rapid spread of flames, smoke, and heat is the unprotected ceiling openings, caused by recessed can lights, LED downlights, and in-ceiling loudspeakers. When penetrating a fire-resistance rated ceiling with a lighting or speaker fixture, it compromises the integrity of a fire-resistance ceiling/floor assembly. Once a fire begins, the composition of the in-ceiling fixture melts within 15 minutes, allowing for heat, flames, and smoke to travel at a swift pace throughout the structure. In response, Tenmat has created a line of fire-rated enclosures, designed to fit over standard recessed can lights, oversized can lights, LED downlights, and in-ceiling speakers.

Ideal for Contractors.

Tenmat’s FF109-300 and FF109-350, 1 Hour Fire Rated Recessed Light Cover, is a dome-shaped intumescent enclosure, designed to fit over most standard and oversized light fixtures. The unique design gives the architect, specifier, and installer more freedom in fixture selection as the covers are suited to a wide range of fixtures. The flexible and lightweight nature of the intumescent technology makes installation quick and easy, reducing the stress put on the ceiling and significantly reducing labor costs compared to standard dry-walled box constructions. If your application needs a higher fire rating, such as a 120-minute fire protection, Tenmat has catered to this building code requirement by designing the FF109X. The FF109X, 2 Hour Fire Rated Recessed Light Cover, is designed to fit over the industry-standard of recessed can lights, allowing a solution for the most standard applications.

Designed with Retrofitting Abilities.

With the push for energy efficiency, LED downlights have been the popular lighting fixture for recent renovations in multi-family buildings. In response, Tenmat has formulated the FF109-200 and FF109-250 to cater to the new industry demands. Tenmat’s FF109-200 and FF109-250, a 1 Hour Fire Rated Downlight Cover, have been designed with state-of-the-art intumescent technology, which protects flames and smoke from moving to the next level of a building for 60 minutes. With its retrofitting capabilities, the FF109-200 and 250 are able to provide a quick, easy, and mess-free installation for structures with pre-existing fire rated ceilings.

Enhanced Acoustic Protection and Life Safety.

In luxury apartment complexes and condominiums, the installation of in-ceiling loudspeakers is an industry standard. However, the unprotected openings caused by these loudspeakers can catalyze the spread of flames and smoke, in the unfortunate event of a fire. The FF109-FRSC, 1 Hour Fire Rated Speaker, is a dome-shaped intumescent enclosure which has been specifically designed to help maintain the integrity of fire-resistance rated ceiling/floor assemblies for one hour when penetrated by in-ceiling speakers. In addition, the sound absorbing properties of the propitiatory intumescent material enhance the acoustic performance of the structure for crisper and clearer sound.

Adaptable to Modern Construction.

Understanding the consistently shifting demands of multi-family applications, Tenmat offers manufacturing capabilities, which allow for custom-made intumescent solutions in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Our on-site research and development team work closely with our clients to achieve the unique challenges presented by building code requirements and new design applications within multi-family remodels and new construction.

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Tenmat solutions designed for the multi-family applications offer:'

Fire Tested & Approved

Retrofitting Capabilities – Ability to install within remodels and new construction.

Easy Installation – No extra tools or assembly required.