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Fire Protection
1 & 2 Hour UL Fire Rating
Recessed Lights
In-ceiling Loudspeakers
Residential & Commercial
Insulation Protection
Draft Stopping
Fire Safe
Recessed Lights
Residential Applications
Ventilated Cladding
Door Strips
Pipe Collars
Joint Seals
Intumescent Materials
Fire Protection
1 Hour UL Fire Rating
2'x2' Luminaires
2'x4' Luminaires
Residential & Commercial

The only flexible fire-resistant enclosure for recessed light fixtures, in-ceiling speakers, troffers, luminaires and fluorescent lights. Tenmat Fire Rated Light Covers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be used with a wide range of recessed light models from various manufacturers. The Tenmat firebox for recessed lighting and downlights acts as a fire barrier, but also serves as a thermal insulator, significantly reducing air flow and heat loss through the recessed ligth fixture. Tenmat also manufactures fire rated specialty products, such as fire rated cladding seals, fire rated pipe sleeves, fire rated door strips, intumescent papers, fire rated joint seals and intumescent sheets.